June food UK

Marsh Samphire
Wild Strawberry
Stinging Nettle
St George’s mushroom
Shaggy inkcap
Gorse flower
Wild Rose Flowers
Wild Thyme
Fairy-ring Champignon
Sea Beet
St George’s mushroom
Greater Plantain
Ribwort Plantain
Lady’s Smock
The flowers are pink to white, the plant stands about 40cm tall and it grows on meadows and stream sides. A member of the cabbage family which also includes mustards and cresses. It has a peppery flavour and is tasty in salads or as a snack when out walking. The whole plant can be eaten although the stem might be a bit tough and chewy. Contains a lot of Vitamin C.
This is fun for children on boggy walks. The plant usually grows on poor grazing, acidic or marshy ground. Take the flowers individually from the plant and put them between your lips, suck the air into your mouth and place your tongue on the end of the tube inside your mouth, as the air comes in through the funnel you will taste a delicious nectar, subtle yet strong. It will have your eyes down looking for more.

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