July food UK

Wild Rose Flowers

Wild Thyme

Fairy-ring Champignon

Sea Beet

Marsh Samphire


Cep (penny bun)


Fairy-ring Champion

Giant puffball


Lime blossom

Parasol mushroom



Lime blossom

The three types of lime you will come across in your local parks are, Tilia cordata (Small leafed lime),  Tilia platyphyllos (Large leafed lime),Tilia x europaea or Tilia vulgaris (the common lime). Lime blossom tea is a great digestive aid and conatin lower levels of tannin, then normal tea.

Horse mushroom

A thick, creamy, saucer-sized cap, as firm as a tennis ball,  but dry as a bone.

The Gills are a velvety fan of deep autmunal-brown, aniseed scented gills. Horse Mushrooms have a very unfortunate look-alike, which is the most common cause of mushroom poisoning in the UK – the Yellow Stainer. It is imperative to learn BOTH of these mushrooms. Both mushrooms when bruised turn yellow, but the yellow stainer has a more vibrant yellow, then the horse mushroom,but turns brown after a few minutes, where as the horse mushroom remains yellow on the bruised area. What the Horse Mushroom does not do, though, is stain yellow when cut through the base of the stem. The absolute distinguishing feature of The Yellow Stainer.

4 Responses to “July food UK”

  • sue says:

    Please could you tell me if you will be at the Chichester food festival this weekend? Sorry if you have already got this mail, I can’t tell from the site. I would like to bring in some mushrooms I have found in my lawn this week. They look and smell like button mushrooms, but I need to know.

    • wildfood says:

      Hey there, I wont be at the festival this year, because of work.
      This is a hobby/lifestyle for me, but I’m always happy to lend a hand where I can.

  • Sue says:

    Hi! Thank you for replying. If I sent a photo from my email address do you think you might be able to identify the mushroom?
    Regards Sue

    • wildfood says:

      Yeah, that would be fine. A Quick tip, when identifying mushrooms,you can remove the stem and place on a piece of white paper for a day or two, to get a spore print, the colour of the spores and the pattern are a good indentifier.

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