Poisonous, Toxic and Deadly Fungi

Agaricus moelleri, Agaricus placomyces – Inky Mushroom – Poisonous – June to October

Agaricus xanthodermus, Yellow Stainer – Poisonous – July to November

Agricus pilatianus, Agaricus Pilatianus – Poisonous – September to November

Amanita gemmata, Amanita Gemmata – Poisonous – September to November

Amanita muscaria, Fly agaric – Poisonous – August to December

Amanita pantherina, Panther Cap – Poisonous – July to November

Amanita Phalliodes, Death Cap – Poisonous – July to November

Amanita verna, Spring Amanita – Poisonous – July to November

Amanita virosa,Destroying angel – Poisonous – July to November

Boletus purpureus, Boletus rhodopurpureus, Boletus Purpureus – Poisonous – July to November

Boletus rhodoxanthus, Boletus Rhodoxanthus – Poisonous – September to November

Boletus satanas, Satans Bolete – Poisonous – June to September

Boletus satanoides, Boletus legaliae, Boletus splendidus, Boletus Satanoides – Poisonous – June to September

Clitocybe dealbata, Clitocybe Dealbata – Poisonous – July to November

Clitocybe nebularis, Clouded Agaric – Poisonous – September to December

Clitocybe rivulosa, Clitocybe Rivulosa – Poisonous – August to November

Coprinopsis atramentaria, Common Ink Cap – Poisonous – April to November

Coprinus picaceus, Magpie Fungus – Poisonous – August to November

Cortinarius rubellus, speciosissimus, Deadly Web Cap – Poisonous – August to November

Entoloma Rhodopolium, Entoloma Rhodopolium – Poisonous – July to November

Hebeloma crustuliniforme, Poison Pie – Poisonous – August to November

Hygrophoropis aurantiaca, False Chanterelle – Poisonous – September to November

Hypholoma fasciculare, Sulphur Tuft – Poisonous – All year round

Inocybe cookei, Inocybe Cookei – Poisonous – August to November

Inocybe fastigiata, Inocybe rimosa, Inocybe Fastigiata – Poisonous – June to November

Inocybe flocculosa, Inocybe Flocculosa – Poisonous – September to November

Inocybe geophylla, Inocybe Geophylla – Poisonous – June to November

Inocybe geophylla, var. lilacina, Inocybe geophylla, var. lilacina – Poisonous – June to November

Inocybe godeyi, Inocybe Godeyi – Poisonous – September to November

Inocybe hystrix, Inocybe Hystrix – Poisonous – September to November

Inocybe maculata, Inocybe Maculata – Poisonous – September to November

Inocybe napipes, Inocybe Napipes – Poisonous – August to November

Inocybe patouillardii, Red Staining Inocybe – Poisonous – April to November

Lactarius chrysorrheus, Lactarius Chrysorrheus – Poisonous – July to November

Lactarius pubescens, Lactarius pubescens – Poisonous – August to November

Lactarius torminosus, Woolly Milk Cap – Poisonous – August to October

Lepiota brunneo incarnata, Lepiota Brunneo incarnata – Poisonous – September to November

Leptonia incana, Entoloma incanum, Leptonia Incana – Poisonous – August to November

Omphalotus olearius, Jack O’Lantern – Poisonous – September to November

Paxillus involutus, Brown Roll Rim – Poisonous – August to November

Pseudoboletus parasiticus, Parasitic Bolete – Poisonous – August to October

Russula betularium, Russula Betularum – Poisonous – July to November

Russula emetica, The Sickener – Poisonous – July to November

Russula fellea, Geranium Scented Russula – Poisonous – August to November

Russula luteotacta, Russula Luteotacta – Poisonous – July to November

Russula mairei, Russula nobilis ,Beechwood Sickener – Poisonous – August to November

Scleroderma citrinum, Areolatum verrucosum, Common Earth Ball – Poisonous – July to December

Stropharia aeruginosa, Verdigris Agaric – Poisonous – April to November

Tricholoma ustale, Tricholoma Ustale – Poisonous – August to November

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